Get Fine Art Experiences and Mouth Watering Food

Visit Noto Arts & Entertainment District to explore fine arts, unique shops, and tasty cuisine. Its development in the historic North Topeka business district encourages the cultural and economic life of the surrounding area and throughout the Midwest. It is the vibrant heartbeat of North Topeka.
  • Vision Statement
    • The vibrant and prospering arts and entertainment district is a community partner and a regional leader.
  • Mission Statement
    • NOTO Arts & Entertainment District functions as a community partner with a focus on improving the quality of life for the region by encouraging and facilitating its development. 
  • Core Values
    • Leadership — Our actions support a holistic purpose to serve the betterment of the district and community.
    • Integrity — Others can count on us to be honest in our transactions, dependable in our commitments, transparent in our decisions, and accountable to our mission.    
    • Adaptability — We strive to be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and environments; to embrace the constant of change as an opportunity for growth.
    • Communication — We value the open, honest, and regular exchange of information and ideas.
    • Equity — We value the full inclusion of anyone who has an interest and investment in the district.
    • Authenticity — We value the dynamism of a district characterized by art, craftsmanship, and history; we are eclectic, unique, and distinctive.